Banking the Unbanked with
Payroll and Blockchain

Helping businesses save money moving payroll cross-border.

SALPay Tokens is a revolutionary digital currency created by Salarium, one of the leading fintech solutions provider in the country, to make moving payroll cross-border more economical for its users.
Together, Salarium, SALPay, and SALPay Tokens form a highly innovative payment ecosystem that is poised to change the landscape.


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Meet the cryptocurrency that will help both businesses and individuals send money in South East Asia without the usual costs and hassles.

How SALPay Tokens Work

SALPay Tokens Help Reduce Remittance Time and Cost

SALPay Tokens will be used by our current and future clients to remit funds into the SALPay ecosystem from anywhere in the South East Asia.

SALPay will establish or work with other exchanges in our clients' home countries, allowing everyone to provide fiat currency and to simultaneously execute a buy-and-sell between exchanges.

The funds will be automatically available in SALPay in local currency with a minimal charge and nearly no forex loss.

With SALPay Tokens, we aim to give everyone a better and more seamless fiat-to-fiat remittance experience.

Download our whitepaper for the roadmap and more information on the benefits to token holders and ICO participants.

whitepaper 白皮書 白書

technical Roadmap

Download our updated technical roadmap to learn about the project's milestones and landmarks we will be tackling in the future.